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LEMAG - Engine Performance Analysis

Optimizing Performance & Reducing Emissions

LEMAG LEHMANN & MICHELS has manufactured performance measuring instruments for the marine industry since 1911. Today’s product range includes state-of-the-art systems to monitor engine efficiency.

The market-leading LEMAG PREMET® system enables measurement of the power produced inside the cylinder and the LEMAG Shaftpower® system permanently monitors the effective power transmitted to the propeller. The latest addition is the LEMAG SEEAmag® Ship Energy Efficiency Analyzer which measures, records and analyzes key data to help evaluate total ship performance.

LEMAG LEHMANN & MICHELS also specializes in fuel systems. These systems include LEMAG CONTROLmag®, automatic control in fuel change-over systems, the type-approved LEMAG®FQI homogenizer for fuel quality improvement and the LEMAG Slashpol® E water-in-fuel emulsifier for NOx reduction.


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