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Life Rafts

At AME, we make no compromises on safety with our Switlik Line of Life. Whether you’re an offshore or coastal boater, it’s imperative to be prepared for the possibility of emergencies with a variety of solutions with a life raft topping the list. At AME, we take the safety of our clients to heart as if they are family, so its priority number one to ensure that we provide the highest quality life rafts available.

When purchasing a product that will be used to keep you alive in an emergency, it only makes sense to get one that meets the highest standards available. AME sells the best rafts available that are also made right here in New Jersey. Our Switlik Marine Life Rafts for coastal and offshore boating are among the most well-designed life raft platforms available.

Just like AME, they factor in the highest quality materials and construction with engineering that ensures flawless performance. The ease of use, deployment and flotation safeguards, capacity and other important safety features are engineered to accommodate use by anyone in your boating party if the need should ever arise. Switlik life rafts are vacuum packed for three years of certification, which increases the reliability and durability.