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We have many WME products that are designed and built in house. All of our WME products are built with ABYC standards in mind and provide safe reliable operation.

WME products include:

Adaptors- Our portable adaptor will permit the safe connection of your 100amp 120/240 VAC single phase shore power cord to two compatible 50 amp 120/240VAC shor power doc receptacles. For more information click here

Boost Equipment - Our portable boost transformers are safe, powerful, and can protect your 115/230 VAC equipment from many harmful low dock voltage conditions. For more information click here

Cable Set - With design features such as locking connections and pin sleeve plugs, our cable sets are safe and reliable. All WME cable is High Potential tested for insulation resistance with a 5 milliamp default current setting.


FLIBS 2020 Plan
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 658
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