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MCH6/SH Compressor

Charging rate:100 L/min - 6 m³/h - 3,5 CFM

Filling time cylinder 10L 0-200Bar:20 Minutes

Working Pressure:225 Bar / 3300 Psi - 300 Bar / 4300 Psi

RPM Pumping Unit:2800

Driven By:Honda petrol engine Certified CARB III EPA2-EURO2

Power:3.6 kW / 5.5 HP @ 3600 RPM

Fuel:Unleaded Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity:3.6 L / 3.8 quarts

Fuel Consumption:0.987 L/h - 1.04 quarts/hour

Dimensions:height 35cm/13.7", width 78cm/30.7", depth 32cm/12.5"

Dry Weight:37 kG / 81.5 lbs

Noise Power:100.5 LWA

Noise Pressure:80.5 dB

Number of Stages and Cylinders:4

Lubricating Oil Capacity:300 cc (0.3 L) / 10 FL OZ

Lubricant:Coltri Oil CE 750

Frame:Powder Coated Steel

Oil/Moisture Separator:After last stage with vortex generator

Filtration:Filter cartridge activated carbon and molecular sieve

Safety Valve:On the separator housing 225-300-330 Bar

Interstage Coolers and After Coolers:Stainless Steel

Suction Filter:2 micron paper

Breathing Air:EN 12021 CGA E