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About Mitsui Engines

Mitsui-MAN B&W engines have been manufactured since a technical licensing agreement was reached with B&W of Denmark in 1926, and have maintained their position as one of the world's best engines under Mitsui-MAN B&W brand. MES produces a broad range of engines, from a 1600kW engine to the 68640kW 12K98MC engine, one of the world's most powerful diesel engines. In June 2010, MES cumulative produced power reached 70 million brake horse power. MES is the first company to reach this plateau and is proudly leading the way to the next level.
This dominance can be attributed to the high reliability and economical advantages of Mitsui-MAN B&W engines, and to its ability to respond to customers' needs in design, manufacturing and after-sales service through partnership with leading aftermarket engine solution providers such as MSHS. Mitsui engines have also found acceptance with customers for power generation, thanks, in part, to the strong reputation of Mitsui marine use engines. 

Mitsui Cooperative Repair Services Advantages:

  • Repairs for all Mitsui turbochargers and engines
  • Factory-trained technicians
  • OEM specifications
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Technical support
  • Spares for other licensed-built engines 
  • Inventory for strategic/wear components on bore-sizes 50 – 60 MCs and TCA88


Mitsui Cooperative Repair Services

FLIBS 2020 Plan
Yellow Zone Engine Row 1211
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