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Characteristics of MJP UltraJet

MJP UltraJet waterjet models (100 - 1500 kW) feature:

  • Efficient axial flow pump
  • Strong, light-weight cast-aluminum construction Stainless steel pump components
  • Integrated hydraulics
  • SOLAS configurations available
  • Resistant to damage from grounding and floating debris
  • Safety to personnel in water and protection of marine habitat
  • Improved acceleration, especially for load-carrying vessels
  • Mid-range performance optimized at cruise throttle settings
  • Integrated intake and mounting base for ease of installation
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Lloyds, ABS, etc. certifications available

MJP Power Ranges

  • MJP UltraJet input power 100 - 1500 kW (130 - 2.000 bhp)
  • MJP CSU input power 1000 - 15,000 kW (1340 - 20,000 bhp)
  • MJP DRB input power 500 - 2500 kW (670 - 3,350 bhp)