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MX4G: Lanox Grease

LANOX-MX4 Grease is a non-toxic, Food Grade Approved Lanolin grease. It is made from pure high technical grade anhydrous lanolin, food grade approved additives and anti-oxidants. It has been especially designed to remain pliable at very low temperatures with the right amount of gripping tackiness to hang on and still have flexibility for the user.

LANOX-MX4 Grease is waterproof, non-conductive and safe to use on all surfaces. It is highly suitable for anti-corrosion, rust proofing and anti-fouling coatings for all metals used in Automotive, Aviation, Commercial, Construction, Earthmoving, Farming, Industrial, Marine, and Mining and Transport applications.

LANOX-MX4 Grease is non-carcinogenic, bio-degradable, highly resistant to salt and acid corrosion, provides lasting protection. LANOX-MX4 Grease is environmentally and user friendly. LANOX-MX4 Grease looks like creamed honey and has no lanolin odor (smells like sugar).