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Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite

GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite - Globally Capable Vessel Monitoring & Satellite Tracking System Designed specifically for the harsh marine environment, the GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite unit provides a full battery backup to the award-winning GOST Nav-Tracker Inmarsat satellite-based tracking antenna. The GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite provides global arm/disarm & relay control over satellite from anywhere in the world with the reassurance of a lead acid battery back-up. The system will also send a monitoring report when power is cut or lost and switches to the back-up battery. The unit also features tamper proof screws and an internal contact sensor to prevent tampering. Hardwired security and monitoring sensors can be added to the GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite by adding a Hardwired Interface Unit (HWIU). Click HERE for more information about the GOST Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM, which adds the HWIU and an array of available security and monitoring sensors to the Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite system.