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Available in 5 Models

The OCM (Oil Cleaning Module) series is available in five models (OCM-206, OCM-305, OCM-304, OCM-101, OCM-103). The models feature different cleaning capacities and maximum oil flow allowing you the perfect oil cleaning machine for you application.

Easy to operate oil purification

The Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Module is a modularized system with all the component systems fully integrated, ensuring easy operation while engaged in oil cleaning duties. At the heart of this compact, easy-to-use equipment is an Alfa Laval disc stack centrifuge of supreme efficiency.

Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Modules are available with all components and systems pre-configured on a skid, for easy, rapid installation and ready for immediate use. They ensure the effective removal of particles and water in the oil. If an emergency arises, even a high level of water contaminants can be removed.

An OCM provides continuous purification of lubricating and hydraulic oils while the equipment in which they are used is in operation. If required, the OCM can continue operating while the primary equipment is at a standstill.

OCM (Oil Cleaning Module) series

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