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The Perfect Marriage of Technology and Imagination

AIRMAR specializes in OEM partnerships and has a proven record of providing customized product solutions. Our Design team will work with you to customize, shape and tailor the beam patterns to your specifications. Delivering the perfect polymer hydrophone for your application.

Together AIRMAR's patented, low-Q, Piezoflex™ PVDF receive array technology and uniue broadband Chirp transducers create the ideal acoustic receiver technoloy for your hydrophone needs. With this combination, AIRMAR achieves products that are:


Lightweight and flexible

Impact resistant

Customizable; allowing you to create your own shapes, tailor the beam patterns to your specifications and ultimately design the perfect polymer hydrophone for your application

Performance and precision at exactly the right price.

Piezoflex™ Polymer material is manufactured by a patented process using homopolymer PVDF (polyvinylidene flouride). We offer electroplated copper custom conformal shapes and transducer assemblies.