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Yacht Elevator - PVE30PVE30 Yacht ElevatorPVE30 Home Elevator

As the world’s smallest fully certified elevator, the PVE30 has quickly found it’s place as the ultimate space-saving solution for any Yacht & Boat Application. If you are in need of an elevator, but are limited in space, this Single-Passenger Home Elevator is the perfect solution for you.

With only 30 inches in total exterior diameter, the PVE30 can carry up to 1 passenger with a 350 lb lift capacity and can travel 2-5 stops or 50 feet in total rise. No pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room is required as this elevator simply rests on the existing ground floor making them ideal for retro-fit and new construction marine applications. With it's panoramic design and 360 degree visibility, the PVE30 has an aesthetic appeal that is sure to capture peoples attention while occupying much less space and energy than a conventional elevator. Not to mention, they are environmentally friendly requiring no harmful gases, oils or lubricants to operate as these plug & play elevators use only a 220 volt power supply.

Learn more to see how you can incorporate this space-saving elevator in your Yacht & Boat Application.

PVE30 - Yacht & Boat Elevator

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