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PVE52 - Yacht Elevator Yacht Elevator - PVE52

The largest Vacuum Elevator model available, the PVE52 is the perfect choice for those in need of a Wheelchair-­‐Accessible Elevator for their Yacht or Boat Application.

With it’s quick installation, innovative design and minimal pre-­construction requirements, this Three-­Passenger Residential Elevator offers everything you need in a home elevator without the need for a shaft, pit or machine room. That means this panoramic elevator simply rests on the existing ground floor while offering a unique design that will complement the aesthetic of the yacht or boat application. 

Able to travel 2-5 stops with a total lift capacity of 525 lbs, this innovative elevator is large enough to fit up to 3 passengers as well as most wheelchairs with an attendent. Ideal for any retro-fit or new construction marine application, the PVE52 is the ideal addition for any yacht or boat seeking to gaining additional accessibility to all level.