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Racing Sails

Tech3 Radial Mainsail and Headsails
Our Tech3 Radial sails are built using a tri-radial panel construction, which has proven itself to produce attractive and fast sails that have outstanding longevity. Tech3 Radial sails are constructed from long panels, which are arraigned to best align the thread-line of the material with the stress map of the sail. We build for tropical use with resilient “multi-step” stitching throughout, on seams, edges and reinforcements. All stitching is a larger, UV-treated thread, which provides excellent protection from sun damage and the vigor’s of offshore sailing. Head, tack, clew and reefs are affixed with stainless steel rings with backup reinforced webbing straps. Sails arrive complete with Cunningham, loose foot, luff hardware or bolt rope, leech lines with cleats at reefs and clew, leech tell tales, battens and sail bag. Other features are added when required.

LoadPath Mainsails and Headsails
Our proprietary LoadPath process is the culmination of decades of research, product testing, use and development. The LoadPath sail construction is basically a two-part process. The base sail or skin is constructed using a light and “flex friendly” laminate sail material, assembled with horizontal panels and shaping seams. The assembled skin is then chemically treated then we apply our proprietary carbon fiber structure tapes. The carbon is laid in straight passes radiating out of the corners, passing continuously over all seams to the edges of the sail. This technique is also known as external lamination, a process that allows our sail makers to apply the proper amount of carbon fiber reinforcing to the various high-load areas and directions that are best for the specific design and expected uses of the sail. This method of construction also creates proportional increases of not just carbon fiber, but of the film itself, along edges and into corners. This addresses the number one reason laminate sails age-out, the films degrade long before the fibers. This layering of films is unique to LoadPath products and gives our sails outstanding durability and longevity. We will let the race results speak for the performance and speed.

Your LoadPath mainsail will arrive complete with sail numbers, draft stripes, Cunningham, leech line with cleats at reefs and a sail bag. Other features are added when appropriate. Your LoadPath headsail will arrive complete with sail numbers, draft stripes, and a sail bag. Other features are also added when appropriate.