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The marine environment demands the best engineered, best built systems on the market – it demands Technicold by Northern Lights. The same seawater cooling that is most recommended for your generator set and engine is available in your vessel’s refrigeration system using Technicold’s water cooled condensing units. Designed for boats with an onboard generator set (inverter dock side operation) Technicold’s water cooled condensers are versatile enough to run with evaporators, hold over plates, forced air and even Cold Liners. And they are sturdy enough that a single condensing unit can be fitted with dual controls to handle multiple boxes – at different temperature settings.

Generations of engineering know-how go into every Technicold water cooled condensing unit. It starts with a quiet, reliable low temperature sealed hermetic compressor for maximum efficiency. It is mounted on a 16-gauge stainless steel platform – this is twice as dense as our competitors – creating smooth, vibration-less function without the need of added isolators. Refrigerant and water travel effortlessly through the low velocity, copper-nickel counter-flow condenser. The unique “tube-in-tube” design moves liquid efficiently and without pockets that can lead to corrosion. The overall design ensures optimum heat transfer with minimum water flow. Technicold’s water cooled condensing units use common refrigerants and are impervious to ambient temperature. Placing it in a hot engine room, under a cockpit or settee will not adversely affect its performance.


Refrigeration Condensing Unit

FLIBS 2020 Plan
Yellow Zone Engine Row 1228
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