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SeaTrace 3000 pro

The worldwide first fishing light "SeaTrace 3000" is the first light which does not require a battery change because of inductive charging, you can change the color of the two led with our SeaTrace app (Seatrace pro) or with remote control (Seatrace Advanced) and additional you are able to program a sound which will attract sea creatures. You can use the fishing light as a bait for different applications. Crabs, lobsters, fish and much more. Water tight down to 3300 feet. Tested in Canada on Snow crabs with outstanding success, tested in USA on stone crabs and lobster with the same results. A worldwide patent is pending. The units sell between 100 to 150 USD depends on the type from standard to pro. In perspective of not changing batteries and seal anymore, the ROI is within 0ne year of investment. More information at our booth C615 in tent C at the Miami boat show.Our SeaTrace 3000 pro is a state of the art Crab, fishing and attracting light including a sound amplifier. With our App for Android or Apple phone you are able to 1) change the colour 2) intensity of colour 3) special flash pattern of the led lights 4) change each colour individual 5) set a UV light for attracting special creatures 6) send a sound wave into the SeaTrace pro for attracting your desired species Our intention is that YOU can develope, experience and change the light as you want. Only one fishing gear for all types of seafood....