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Upgrade your furling mast to electric drive.
To make sail handling easier for a small crew we have synchronized an electric motor in the mast with a newly developed electric winch for the outhaul, E40i. Push a button and the sail comes out in a controlled fashion as the winch adjusts the outhaul tension in relation to the motor in the mast. This is what we call Synchronized Main Furling.


Converting a manually operated furling mast is quite easy. Basically, the vertical shaft in the original line driver is replaced for a longer version which is connected to the motor. A clutch allows the motor to be disconnected for manual operation, if ever needed. The motor is completely integrated in the mast and connected to the Seldén Power Supply and SEL-Bus system.
The motor can be retrofitted to Seldén furling masts type RB (~36-43’ yachts).


Push the ”OUT” button and the sail will start to unfurl. The E40i winch will tension up the outhaul while the mast motor feeds out the sail. The speed is increased when the ”IN” button is pushed in addition to ”OUT”. To reef, just release the outhaul from the winch and push ”IN”.


The E40i winch is built up around an electric motor which is totally integrated in the drum. Only three thin cables are protruding to lead through the coach roof or the deck, no large cutouts and no external motor or gearbox. This makes for uncompromised headroom down below which is normally not the case with electric winches.
The three speed operation provides a high speed gear, a moderate gear and a low speed gear for fine tuning. It is a two finger operation to start the winch and to swich gear, so a single-handed sailor can helm while adjusting the trim.

Selden Synchronized Main Furling

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