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Day/Night Marine Surveillance

The 4th generation Sentinel is a versatile, professional grade, multi-sensor day/night imaging system for marine deployment. Equipped with the latest-generation imaging sensors and high-performance optics within a compact gyro-stabilised platform, the Sentinel delivers high resolution and crisp visual in all lighting conditions which is an essential element of crew situational awareness. This platform comes standard with continuous optical zoom lens for both thermal and color cameras. High-performance built-in video tracker makes the constant observation of target of interest a handsfree operation. The Sentinel also features many new digital filters to enhance video image during challenging conditions and other capabilities never found in products of this class.

Marine Based Applications

  • Coastal and river surveillance
  • Special boat operations
  • Force protection
  • Law enforcement
  • Unmanned Surface Vessels
  • Collision avoidance
  • Search & rescue
  • Super/Mega yacht

Key Features

  • Uncooled thermal imager with optical and digital zoom for enhanced night vision capability
  • New large format Day/Ultra-Low light CCD combining Day TV with traditional ICCD camera provides compact and optional colour imaging in moon light conditions
  • Digitally fused image from multi sensors in real time to present vision that was previously not possible
  • 3-Axis gyro-stabilised resolved into Pan-tilt platform with auto drift control
  • Advance Video Tracker
  • Wide interfacing options including Radar Salve etc.
  • Low power consumption
  • Rugged/ weather proof construction
  • Export license free