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Shore Power Converter

ANG SHORE POWER CONVERTERS™ allow your boat to plug in at any dock all over the world, regardless of the frequency, the voltage and the form provided by the Marina.

ANG SHORE POWER CONVERTERS™ accept any frequency from 40 Hz to 440 Hz, any voltage from 110V to 520V, any input Form Single and/or Three Phase (European and American standards) and they convert to the voltage, phase and frequency needed for your boat.

All our converters are universal, accept any input power and provide the selected output for the user. They are able to convert frequency, voltage and phase at the same time.

ANG Shore Power Converters carry over 30 years of experience in marine electrical conversion and are able to supply the correct power when connected to the most common dockside voltages: from 110V to 520V Auto-Ranging, Single and/or Three Phase.