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Spinnakers / Cruising / Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical Cruising Spinnakers have been discovered by, and refined for, the racing fraternity and have come a long way since the early versions we started producing in the 1970's. We developed and marketed the first cruising chute and sock combination for truly short handed use. We still use the same concept for short handed sailing but now it's coupled with our new TRUE asymmetrical spinnaker. This sail can only be produced using sophisticated computer programs as each of the more than 30 panels is distinctly different in shape and length. This sail is a far cry from the cruising chutes sold by most sailmakers, usually a spherical head with a fairly flat lower section, which is really symmetrical except for one corner (the clew) lifted higher. The popular code zero's are the genesis of the easements and are popularly fitted to a furler. This is most of what we see today.

Our Tri-Radial, true asymmetrical is the fastest headsail you can put on your boat for very tight reaching to wind far aft of the beam. This sail is designed with each of its 30-plus panels individually shaped for its greatest depth forward, like a very full genoa, with its leading and trailing edges projected outward, instead of inverted. As a draft forward sail, it will practically go to weather, but when on a near run, its projected luff swings out to the clear-air side of the mainsail for excellent performance without a pole.