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SeaLift’s Swim Platform extends the back of a large boat and can be lowered down into the water to accommodate all your needs. If your Swim Platform has the Pop-Up Chocks in the “Up” position then you can stow a dingy or a personal watercraft. However, if the Pop-Up Chocks are in the “Down” position then you can use the Swim Platform for swimming, sunbathing, or fishing.

SeaLift designs and manufactures custom Swim Platforms for use with our Platform Lift. We know that every combination of boat, owner, and use varies so SeaLift offers custom designed Swim Platforms that take on a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Our Platform Lift comes with SeaLift’s exclusive Pop-Up Chocks, which conform to the shape of the tender and are fully retracted inside fiberglass pockets. This allows for a smooth surface for your family to enjoy without the risk of stubbed toes or tripping over bulky, protruding chocks.

We also offer Swim Platforms with non-skid textures to avoid slipping. The best feature of our Swim Platform is that it can be lowered down into the water simply by the touch of a button.  When you are looking to add more family fun to your boating experience, then consider SeaLift’s Swim Platform for the whole family to enjoy.


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