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TRAC-STAR Stabilization at Rest TRACStar (Stabilization At Rest) significantly reduces vessel roll while anchored, on a mooring, or while drifting. TRACStar is a feature that can be added to most existing TRAC stabilzers and is available as an option on all new ABT•TRAC systems. TRACStar works by transiting the stabilizer fins at the right speed at just the right moment. Star's unique 3-term algorithm measures roll and controls the stabilizing fin's movement to generate a smooth counter-acting energy pulse that significantly dampens roll. Star-equipped systems are fitted with longer chord stabilizer fins. Power is provided by an AC or generator-driven hydraulic pump (TRAC Integrated Hydraulics). Careful attention to equipment layout and design minimizes noise and vibration. Operation of TRACStar is simple and intuitive, requiring single touch command to activate. Star uses the same pilot house touch-screen LCD panel as standard TRAC stabilizing systems.

TRAC-STAR Stabilization at Rest

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