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Premium Blister Protection with Microsheet Silicate Technology
Tough on Blisters – Easy on the Air!

The new Tuff Stuff LOW VOC Epoxy Primer complies with rigid VOC limits set by the California Air Quality Management Board and offers a Low VOC alternative when applying water barrier or corrosion protection.

Tuff Stuff Low VOC is an extremely high-build two-part epoxy primer that dries fast, enabling application of a complete barrier system and bottom paint in just two days. Using microsheet silicate technology, millions of microscopic sheets overlap and build a 100% water barrier that protects the surface from moisture and water penetration.

Tuff Stuff Low VOC is extremely effective for blister prevention on fiberglass, or as a bilge coating, because it is resistant to oil and water. As a universal primer, it can be used for corrosion protection on most metals below the waterline, and for priming any metal. Tuff Stuff Low VOC creates an overlapping barrier to eliminate any direct path for water migration.

Tuff Stuff Low VOC High-Build Epoxy Primer

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