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Vessel Recovery

Salvage vs. Vessel Recovery

The differences between Salvage and Vessel Recovery are subtle and require some background knowledge.

The term Salvage applies all over the world in the marine or nautical industry, but for the purposes of this information we will focus on the United States of America. Salvage and the ability to claim Salvage is typically only recognized upon the Federal navigable waters of the U.S and on inland lakes and rivers that border more than one state. Inland waters of this nature allow for interstate transport and therefore are subject to federal rules. On waters where Salvage is not recognized Sea Tow will be performing Vessel Recovery services.

Vessel Recovery services will typically be billed on a time and material (T&M) basis or under a Flat Fee structure. Many of the same methods and equipment will be employed during the vessel recovery as would be in a salvage situation. Great care to protect lives, property and the environment are always our top priority.