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Fresh Water Racing Finish

VMG Hard & Fast Racing Finish is a revolutionary new bottom coating geared specifically for fresh water sail boaters and power boaters looking to enhance the performance of their vessels. VMG, earning its designation from the yacht racing acronym for Velocity Made Good, is specifically formulated and crafted to provide fresh water boaters with an added edge in maximizing velocity while protecting their vessels hulls. Enhanced with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), VMG Hard & Fast Racing Finish exhibits one of the lowest coefficients of friction while its copper-free formulation ensures colors stay vivid and true over time. Compatibility with many older fresh water bottom coatings enables boaters to apply VMG directly over Interlux *VC17 and Pettit **SR-21 without stripping their hulls.

  • PTFE enhanced for reduced drag
  • Colors stay true
  • Compatible with VC17 and SR-21
  • Fresh water use only


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