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Yacht Controller Sport

Our wireless remote system designed for center console boats and small yachts based on our original single band system yet utilizing multi processors and dual relay reliability with our classic remote for boats where the operator is close to the helm should there be an interrupted frequency encounter due to unauthorized use of radio frequency bands by others such as restaurants, pagers, marinas, radio operators, emergency services or even government agencies.

The Yacht Controller sport excels in control especially when coupled with the “Sport” joystick and thruster package designed with smaller boats in mind. The “Sport” can move a boat in any direction with precision making docking, mooring and maneuvering effortless. The “Sport” makes even the novice boater into a docking professional.

The Yacht Controller “Sport” joystick controls engines and thrusters proportionally to achieve boat movement in the direction selected by the push of the joystick:

The Yacht Controller “Sport” joystick takes docking and mooring to a new dimension in safety and control and can be combined with a wireless remote for complete freedom of control.