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Yak-Tamer by Ocean-Tamer Marine Bean Bags
The only marine bean bag product specifically designed for kayaks!

Specifically designed to use in conjunction with your existing kayak seat, the Yak-Tamer marine bean bag by Ocean-Tamer provides superior comfort that other seating products can't offer when used alone. When paired with your existing kayak seat, this light weight, high quality, innovative seating product offers the comfort of a bean bag, 6 inches of elevation for a more comfortable seating position and better visibility when fishing, all while utilizing the backrest of your existing kayak seat. With its built-in tackle and storage system, you have the ability to store lures, pliers, and other important items at your fingertips. The Yak-Tamer can be used with virtually any kayak seating product on the market while providing more comfort than you could ever imagine!

To install, simply loosen the straps on your existing kayak seat and slide the Yak-Tamer under the seat pad of your existing kayak seat, clip the rear straps of the Yak-Tamer to the rear pad eyes on your kayak, then tighten down the straps on your existing kayak seat. The Yak-Tamer also works great with sling style kayak seats, rigid and molded seats, and adjustable style seats. For these kayak seat styles, simply set the Yak-Tamer in the seat and sit directly on top of the Yak-Tamer, still using the rear straps to secure the bean bag to the rear pad eyes on your kayak if needed. The Yak-Tamer adds superior comfort and elevation to any kayak seat and can be used in any kayak make or model in today market. Comfort and height level can be adjusted by adding or removing filler to fit your specific needs.


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